Museum Gets Ahead with Hats

AS the old advertising slogan used to put it, “if you want to get ahead get a hat” – so that’s exactly what Portland Basin Museum, Ashton, has done.

The canalside heritage site, which is well-known for its industrial exhibits – particularly the one on hatting – is now selling headwear supplied by Denton Hats, that company that supplies the caps for the BAFTA award-winning BBC television crime drama “Peaky Blinders”.

It offers a range of men’s and women’s styles in a variety of sizes – mainly wool hats such as flat caps, fedoras and trilbies.

The decision to sell headwear at Portland Basin was made at the suggestion of Cllr Leanne Feeley, Tameside Council’s executive member for heritage. She explained: “As many people will know, hatting is in Denton’s DNA. For many years it was the UK’s hatting capital and it’s also said to be the place where Thomas and William Bowler, the creators of the bowler hat, were born.

“By selling hats at Portland Basin, we’re not only displaying our pride in a very important part of Tameside’s manufacturing heritage, we’re also supporting a company that has restored Denton’s connection with the industry that made it famous across the world.

“When word gets out I expect even more people to visit Portland Basin where they can now not only enjoy an award-winning museum in a picturesque setting, but also buy a top-quality hat.”

Denton Hats is a leading wholesaler of hats based at Tameside Business Park, Windmill Lane. It stocks everything from classics such as bowlers and top hats to more casual leather headwear and Gatsby caps.

Portland Basin Museum and its shop are open Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 4pm).

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