Scarlett thrilled to be mayor for a day

A DREAM came true for Scarlett Brinton as the seven-year-old became mayor for the day.

It came about from careers’ week at Russell Scott Primary School, Denton.

“When careers’ week started the children were asked what they wanted to be and there were things like a train driver, astronaut, builder and fireman,” explained headteacher Steve Marsland.

“Scarlett wanted to be mayor and through council leader Brenda Warrington we were able to make one little girls’ dream come true.”

Tameside Council has a scheme where schools can request a mayoral visit and for one of the pupils to become ‘mini mayor’ for the day.

That is what happened at Russell Scott where Tameside Civic Mayor Denise Ward, who represents Denton North East, paid a visit in her mayoral gown and took part in a question-and-answer session with fascinated pupils.

Scarlett was given her own mayor gown to wear – an exact replica of the one worn by Cllr Ward.

“I said during careers week I wanted to be mayor. It was exciting to meet her and be mini mayor for the day,” explained Scarlett.

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