Youngest councillors take control in Denton South

DENTON South has the most youthful team of councillors in the borough.

Indeed, Jack Naylor, Claire Reid and George Newton are also the second youngest group in Greater Manchester’s 213 wards.

They have only been beaten by a trio who represent Manchester Piccadilly.

Claire, Tameside Council’s new deputy mayor, is the elder stateswoman aged 34 and she is followed by Jack, 30, and George, 27.

And all three share another bond as they are all former pupils of the former Two Trees High School where Jack and George were head boys and Claire a senior prefect.

Claire first stood in Hyde Werneth in 2018 and was elected for Denton South in 2010 and for a third term in 2018 when 39 weeks pregnant with her first child, daughter Robyn.

George was elected in 2016 while Jack is the newbie as he only became a councillor in May’s elections.

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