MP promises to fight Bredbury Parkway development proposal

ANDREW Gwynne has long opposed a massive extension of the Bredbury Parkway industrial estate, which is proposed in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Andrew Gwynne MP, left, with Willian Wragg

And the MP for Denton and Reddish has even voiced his concerns in Parliament after Hazel Grove MP William Wragg got a debate on the implications of the Framework on their neighbouring constituencies.

The pair joined forced last autumn in opposing the massive extension of Bredbury Parkway.

After meeting with prospective developers, Mr Gwynne was not convinced of the need to massively extend the industrial estate deep into the Tame Valley.

The two MPs, who have presented a petition to the House of Commons from constituents opposed to the proposed expansion, have raised concerns over greenbelt incursion in the Tame Valley for a number of years.

Although the proposed site for expansion would not fall within the Denton and Reddish constituency as it is located just over the River Tame, Mr Gwynne has serious concerns over the impact it may have on shared green areas.

One concern centres on fears that it would completely destroy the visual amenity from the Haughton Dale and Hulme’s Wood Local Nature Reserves.

Both MPs also share a concern over HGV traffic in the area and the impact the proposals would have on an already congested Stockport Road (Denton) and Ashton Road (Bredbury).

Mr Gwynne, the Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said: “We should be pursuing a brownfield first strategy which builds on land which has already been developed, as well as using derelict or unused land rather than green spaces.

“I’m sure developers being developers they will carry on regardless and submit their bid to Stockport Council this September.

“If they decide to go ahead with this submission I will object in the strongest terms possible to protect our valued Tame Valley.”

Mr Gwynne also spoke from the Labour frontbench in a special Parliamentary debate on the Framework, the plan that will identify the land required to meet local housing and employment needs across Greater Manchester.

He said: “Let me be clear: I am still strongly opposed to the proposal to extend the industrial estate deep into the greenbelt.

“It will destroy the openness and tranquillity of the two nature reserves that it borders, it will reduce air quality and will see an increase in HGV usage through the roads in my constituency.

“It’s just not acceptable and given the GMSF identifies too much land for economic development across the county, it’s not required either.”

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  1. Hi.thought the enviroment and air quality are the major governments priority hence cycle lanes,the promotion of electric vehicles and now possible electric scooter being Iegalisied. Therefore, why should bredbury Parkway Development go ahead. As I live on Stockport road, which is already inundated with bumper to bumper traffic, giving poor air quality and noise. Owing to these reasons I fully object the go ahead of the Brebury Parkway Development.
    MR R Adshead
    385 Stockport Road
    M34 6EP

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