Residents fear for HGV ‘hell’ if brake not applied to industrial estate expansion plans

CONCERNED residents claim proposals to expand an industrial estate on the Denton-Bredbury border will make living in their current homes “untenable.”

The newly formed Denton South Action Group (DSAG) describe current conditions along Stockport Road due to heavy goods vehicle traffic as already “horrendous.”

But the worried house holders fear a near 100 acres expansion to Bredbury Parkway industrial estate under consideration as part of the controversial Greater Manchester Spatial Framework document will increase HGV traffic by 50 per cent.

There has already been opposition to Quorum Estates Limited’s scheme – originally submitted in 2016 – which will involve current greenfield land disappearing under concrete, industrial units and warehousing.

A 1,400-name petition has been presented against the development which – if approved – would dominate this section of the Tame Valley and nature reserves at Haughton Dale and Hulme’s Wood.

But members of DSAG are keen to increase pressure on Tameside’s politicians to support their protests.

Any future works application will fall on Stockport Council’s planners to recommend or reject due to the estate’s location.

However, DSAG say the repercussions for giving Quorum a green light will have a detrimental impact on Denton due to increased noise and air pollution.

“Traffic coming up and down this road is already horrendous, causing damage and polluting the atmosphere,” said resident Derek Garner. “It is horrible and making our lives hell.

“Bredbury Parkway is only going to increase the amount of traffic and going to make living along here untenable.

“We hear about the millions being spent on a new leisure centre (at Crown Point) encouraging people to live healthier lives from increased physical activity. Healthier lives but more pollution it doesn’t marry up.”

The group insist Quorum’s hopes to “promote this site as a prime employment location” will further clog up Crown Point crossroads with more HGV’s exiting junction 24 of the M60 due to accessibility issues caused by a low bridge near the junction 25 turn-off.

Sylvia Clark told the Correspondent: “They say they are going to bring employment to the area but most of these warehouses are automated and the lorry drivers will probably live outside the area.

“If there is more traffic how are they people round here going to get to work?

“A five-minute journey from here to Crown Point can take half an hour in rush hour.

“At the moment we do get respite during the night but that will be lost by what will surely be a 24/7 operation.

Sue Garner added: “A large amount of money is going into putting in cycleways and walking routes (GM Mayor Andy Burnham’s Beelines initiative), trying to get traffic off the roads. But this makes a mockery of what he’s trying to do.”

Another resident, Adrienne Shaw argued unused brownfield land closer to junction 25 could be used to extend the industrial estate and ease traffic issues in Denton.

“There is a big piece opposite Morrisons which largely just derelict land is. Why are they not considering that?

“Why are they considering a site where they can’t get on and off the motorway?

“They are building on the wrong side of the bridge when there is a lot of scope for them doing something different and better for everyone on the other.”

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