Cracked and crumbling roads to be repaired this year

THESE are the cracked and crumbling roads in Tameside that will be repaired this year as part of more than £5million of town hall investment.

The borough’s cabinet has signed off on plans to repair more than 200 roads across the borough by the end of the 2019-20 financial year.

Cllr Oliver Ryan

The huge project, which will also carry out repairs to footpaths, will cost £5.25m.

Cabinet member Oliver Ryan told the meeting: “In this environment with our capital programme, that we’re spending an extra £5.25m on our roads even in this current financial climate is a good thing.”

Of the 219 stretches of highway put forward for repairs, 47 are in Ashton, 39 in Dukinfield, 33 in Droylsden, 29 in Stalybridge, 22 in Hyde and 18 in Denton.

And there are also 16 stretches of road in Mossley, nine in Longdendale, and six in Audenshaw.

However, the ongoing maintenance of the local road network is generally not progressing as ‘quickly as desired’, the report presented to cabinet states.

This is partly attributed to the inclement weather over recent winters which has hindered works, and also because the state the roads were in at the beginning of the scheme was so poor.

“As a consequence this is leading to greater levels of public complaints, increased need for urgent risk repairs and increased claims for personal injury and vehicle damage,” officers state.

The main risks to the project going forward are the availability of ‘suitably experienced’ contractors and risk of poor weather during construction, according to the town hall.

Officers are due to come back with regular progress reports to make sure the scheme is staying on track with the timeframe and on budget.

Emma Varnam, assistant director for operations and neighbourhoods told members that the highways was one of the ‘key assets for the council and the borough’.

Roads in Denton and Hyde to be repaired by the end of 2019-20:

Denton: Foxhall Road, Hulton Street, Pendle Road, Whittles Avenue, Alfreton Avenue, Brecon Avenue, Heanor Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Northstead Avenue, Stockport Road, Wordsworth Road, Ashwood Avenue, Elizabeth Street, Heaton Street, Thornley Lane South, Windmill Lane.

Hyde: Allen Avenue, Hattersley Road East, High Street, Lilly Street, Mottram Road, Mottram Old Road, Rowanswood Drive, Werneth Avenue, Bottom Street, Duke Road, Dukinfield Road, Hickenfield Road, Johnsonbrook Road, Victoria Street, Apethorn Lane, Church Avenue, Enfield Street, Great Norbury Street, Knott Lane, Napier Street, Sandringham Road, Stockport Road.

Longdendale: Bracken Close, Broadbottom Road, Fields Crescent, Fields Grove, Green Lane, Hattersley Road West, King Street, Moorfield Street.

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