Denton Town want to know where their future lies

DENTON Town may have been fighting on the football field in different leagues but their biggest one is very much off it.

Chairman Phil Bentley

Now they have told decision makers, ‘Let us know what the hell is going on?’

Town’s three sides – firsts, veterans and Under-19s – have all been in drama on the pitch, with one battling to avoid relegation and the other two at the right bend of the table.

But chairman Phil Bentley believes the time is coming where a call has to be made on what is happening to where the club hopes to move, as finances are seriously tight.

If they can move from Whittles Farm to the former Two Trees High School, that could open up different revenue streams that could enable the club to grow.

“At the moment, we’ve no way of being self-sufficient,” said Mr Bentley. “We need self-sufficiency.

“We don’t have five, six or seven-a-side pitches that we can use for income. The only income we get is what we get over the bar.

“It’s been a case of getting sponsors but there have been several times where it’s been said, ‘If you can’t get the money to pay for referees and linesmen, you’re not playing.’

“Fortunately, our president helps keep us afloat but we don’t want to keep going to him with the begging bowl.

“If we’re allowed to move to Two Trees, our income could go up 10-fold as we’re out on a limb where we are now. It’s been going on for several years and I know the community would be up in arms if the Two Trees land was all turned into housing as there’s not the infrastructure around there.

“It’s been hard for the last couple of seasons and this year we’re trying to survive after previously going for the title.

“We’ve got a lot of support from the community but the only problem may be that we may no longer be a Step 7 club. Whether that would effect our situation, I don’t know.

“And that’s the worst thing – not knowing. If it’s bad news, we stay here and we get on with it.”

Town are prepared for the drop from the Cheshire Football League, premier division, even though there is an element of uncertainty over whether it will be one or two sides relegated as Pilkington FC looks set to be elected into the Hallmark Security Football League.

Their home campaign ends on Tuesday, April 16 against Poynton before their final game of the season at Greenalls Padgate St Oswalds.

The veterans side, fighting for the Cheshire Veterans Football League division two title, rounds off its campaign at Stockport Georgians on Sunday, April 14 before heading top Mossley Hill Athletic Wanderers on April 28.

Denton’s Under-19s face Littleborough on Saturday, April 20 before finishing their season the following Tuesday with a Tameside derby at Hattersley.

What may overshadow all the on-field achievements, though, is news of where they will be playing in the future.

Mr Bradley added: “If we are allowed to move to Two Trees and Tameside Council gives us like for like, we can get funds from the Football Foundation and we may be able to get something like floodlights.

“Where we are at the minute, there’s no chance of that because of the people who live close to Whittle’s Farm. So if we can progress with things like that and maybe even having a little stand, it could be enough for getting into the North West Counties League.

“At the moment, we rely on sponsorship and money from pour president. Whatever we can get, the better.”

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  1. As one of the organisers of Denton Walking Football Group we fully support Denton Town in their aspirational move to Two Trees fields. It’s common sense that Denton needs open space and space to play – and to breathe. Facilities at present are not sufficient if we wish to grow different forms of the game. All age groups could benefit from a sporting element to the playing field development. We have players from 51 to 83 years of age who are far from done with ball games. Good luck Phil. Anything we can do to help please get in touch.

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