All aboard the ‘Brexit Express’- Britannia Steam Engine comes to town!

Photo by Anthony Devlin

BREXIT has eventually passed through the area – even though it was a little delayed.

To perhaps sum up the state of the crisis gripping the country over how and when to leave the European Union, a steam train called the Brexit Express showed all its glory.

But just like the political decisions that show seemingly no sign of stopping, this display was a little later than previously advertised.

After passing through Saddleworth, the locomotive travelled through Mossley and the Heyrod area of Stalybridge, where the Independent t joined several onlookers.

And Stalybridge photographer Anthony Devlin caught a shot of it after it stopped at Stalybridge railway station.

Pulled by a 70000 steam engine, the Brexit Express set off from York, where it was met by Steve Baker MP and David Davis MP.

However, its running and the fact it uses technology from yesteryear was seized on by many critics of the whole Brexit process.

That did not stop people from turning out to see it, though, as the locomotive made its way along the rails.

Photo by Anthony Devlin

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