New ID card for Armed Forces veterans in Tameside launched

NEW IDENTIFICATION cards are being sent to veterans of the armed forces in a bid to improve their access to support services.

The card, launched by the Ministry of Defence, will provide proof a veteran has served in HM Armed Forces, as there was previously no way to prove this.

HM Armed Forces Veteran ID Card

By using the card, veterans can verify their service to the NHS, a local authority and other charities or organisations which offer specialist support where needed.

It will also benefit local authorities and groups that manage pensions and compensations as they won’t have to process identification checks, which can be time-consuming.

This new card is being rolled out in phases, starting with individuals who left the Armed Services on or after 17 December 2018

Initially, the new ID will benefit the 160 ex-forces personnel in Tameside who transition from the service to veteran status each year.

However, before the end of 2019 all veterans will be able to apply for this card and there are currently 7,500 in the borough.

Tameside Council Executive Leader Councillor Brenda Warrington said: “Our Armed Forces community have done and continue to do a great service for our country, so it’s fantastic this initiative will make it easier for veterans to connect with support and services.

“This card helps to ensure veterans are treated and fairly and can be easily identified if needed.”

To find out more about the ID contact the Veterans UK helpline number on 0808 1914 218, or visit the organisation’s website

Anyone interested in the development of the Armed Forces Covenant in Tameside should contact the Council’s Covenant team by emailing

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