Law firm’s advice for employers to manage summer of sport

AN award-winning local law firm is highlighting what employers should consider when it comes to managing major sports events in the workplace.

It’s a busy summer of sport with the European Championship in Germany already in full swing, Wimbledon just beginning and the Olympics in Paris on the horizon.

This can undoubtedly be problematic for business owners and managers, as staff look to take time off or even fail to show up for work altogether.

Carley Dhand from Pearson Legal and Financial

Oldham-based Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers say that although employers don’t have to give employees time off, there are compromises that can be made.

Carley Dhand, Senior Associate Solicitor, said: “Although there are no rules about whether you have to let staff have time off for sporting, cultural or religious events, a summer of sport often brings about various considerations within employment law, especially in industries directly affected by sports events such as tourism, hospitality and retail.

“Employers face the ubiquitous problem of absenteeism when big sport is happening, it’s a perennial headache for business owners and navigating these issues requires a balance between accommodating employees’ interests in sports and ensuring that business operations continue smoothly.

“Clear communication, consistent employment policies and letting staff know well in advance what is expected are key to addressing these challenges effectively.”

Carley adds that other important factors that employers should be considering are: flexible working arrangements; overtime and working hours; annual leave management; discrimination and equal opportunities; alcohol and substance abuse policies; health and safety concerns; social media policies, and reviewing employment policies.

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