Tameside Council Election Candidates: Droylsden West

David Dawson (Conservative) did not supply an election profile.

Barrie Holland (Labour)

ONCE again I am honoured to have been selected as the Droylsden West Ward Labour party candidate. I have been a proud councillor for more than 30 years.

It has upset me to see the way our local budget has been decimated and our public services destroyed by the Tories over the past few years, meaning that it has become more difficult to provide the services that local residents expect and deserve.

Worryingly intense pressure is being placed on the social care services who provide for our most vulnerable children, disabled and elderly people.

Government cuts are so unfair. The Tories are targeting hard working people who deserve better.

It is important that Droylsden West has a representative who will fight to protect what we have and to ensure that the ward gets its fair share of the pot, no matter how difficult our current financial situation.

Luke Robinson (Green)

I AM standing to give the people of Droylsden West the opportunity to vote for a Green candidate.

As a Green Councillor, I would work to progress Tameside’s Climate Change and Environment Strategy.

The council declared a climate emergency four years ago but still lacks sufficient defined actions or targets, despite an already agreed Greater Manchester Environment Plan.

Given the dramatic increase in the cost of living, the obvious actions to pursue are firstly home insulation to energy bills, provide green jobs and reduce CO2 emissions. Secondly, I would work on a safe walking and cycling infrastructure and better, cheaper public transport.

This would reduce fuel costs for poorer residents as well as reducing both pollution and CO2.

Green-led councils across the country are already working on these issues.

Greens are already winners in Tameside – Lee Huntbach was first elected five years ago. We need more Greens to continue his work challenging Labour on the environment and council tax bills.

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