Tameside MPs confronted over Gaza stance as Labour councillors asked to resign

TAMESIDE’S MPs have been confronted by protestors against their stance on the conflict in Israel/Gaza as councillors have been urged to resign from the Labour Party.

Angela Rayner and Jonathan Reynolds received a police escort from a function in neighbouring Stockport on Thursday, January 25 after they were approached over their decision to abstain in a House of Commons vote calling for a ceasefire.

As Ashton-under-Lyne representative Ms Rayner started to speak, a man approached the stage and said: “The change in this country will come when you demand a ceasefire. I lost my family in Gaza.”

A woman screamed: “You call yourself a feminist, what kind of feminist are you?

“15,000 women and children are dead, Angela Rayner, and you tell yourself as a modern day feminist? I don’t think so.

Tameside’s MP’s have been confronted by protestors against their stance on the conflict in Israel/Gaza as councillors have been urged to resign from the Labour Party.

“Women have to use scraps, tents for sanitary towels. Where’s your voice, Angela?”

A third approached Stalybridge and Hyde’s Mr Reynolds – who saw ‘ceasefire’ sprayed on the door at Hyde Town Hall, where his office is – saying: “You had a chance to vote on the ceasefire bill, you abstained.

“You’re vice-chair of Labour Friends of Israel. Your friend the Israeli President said he was waging a war against barbaric jihadists. Shame on all of you.”

The scenes ended with Ms Rayner and Mr Reynolds being taken away in a Greater Manchester Police car, with protestors still shouting, for their own safety.

They came as Tameside’s Labour councillors were asked to stand down and quit the party or face competition at forthcoming elections.

A letter issued under the banner the Tameside Palestinian Solidarity Movement also made claims against Ms Rayner for her role in what they call a ‘political vacuum.’

The message, seen by The Correspondent, says: “We are writing under grave concern over the ambiguity and vacillation we have observed from the Labour Party leadership regarding the ongoing atrocities in Gaza and the occupied West Bank of Palestine.

“The fluctuating statements from your party leader, Keir Starmer, have left us bewildered and dismayed.

“From initially endorsing collective punishment as an acceptable form of self-defence to contradicting positions on the fate of a Palestinian state, and now proposing a two-state solution despite Israel’s refusal — it is a troubling narrative that hints at ethnically cleansing Gaza of Palestinians.

“The recent call for a sustained humanitarian pause adds to the confusion. As dedicated constituents of Tameside, we find ourselves compelled to seek clarity on your stance in light of these developments.

“Your position will undoubtedly shape our decisions on resource allocation in the upcoming local elections.

“Our movement has emerged as a response to the political vacuum we perceive under the current Labour Party leadership, including our MP Angela Rayner, the Party’s deputy leader.

“While we acknowledge the ceasefire plea from TMBC leader Gerald Cooney, we assert that mere calls for cessation are inadequate.

“Regrettably, we have not heard any condemnation from you regarding your party’s position. Your silence, in our view, suggests complicity in the conflict and we can no longer tolerate such association.

“Remaining tethered to a party that has lost the confidence of many voters and seems to stand on the wrong side of history undermines your representation.

“The catastrophic toll on innocent Palestinian civilians, with an estimated 30,000 casualties and 24,500 confirmed deaths, including 70% children and women, demands decisive action.

“The Labour Party’s failure to condemn Israeli collective punishment is another aspect that has not gone unnoticed.

“In consideration of the gravity of the situation and the principles at stake, we urge you to take the righteous path. Resign from your seat and renounce your membership of the Labour Party, aligning yourself with those who have chosen a principled stance.

“This act would send a resounding message, positioning you on the right side of history and securing our support in future elections.

“The traditional overwhelming support the Labour Party has enjoyed from Tameside’s Christian and Muslim communities can no longer be taken for granted.

“We, as a mobilising movement, are gearing up to challenge key seats in the upcoming local elections and the next General Election.

“Failure to stand in solidarity with Palestine will undoubtedly result in a challenge to your seat, among others we are confident of winning in key wards.

“We implore you to carefully consider this decisive moment in history. We will not forget, nor will we forgive.

“The call for justice and peace in Palestine cannot be sustained without accountability. Your prompt response is anticipated.”

When explaining his decision to abstain, Mr Reynolds explained: “The reason I believe voting for humanitarian pauses is better than voting for a ceasefire is that, firstly, there is the prospect of them happening whereas with a ceasefire there is not.

“Secondly, a humanitarian pause would mean the violence stopped to get aid in but it would not freeze the conflict and leave Hamas in continued control of Gaza.
“In these tense times I do appeal for empathy and respect towards all communities locally and across the UK. No-one in the Middle East is helped by hate crime escalating elsewhere.”

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  1. Human nature ,man or women when you are in a position that may upset your standard of living and all that comes with that well paid position ,they will walk on a fine wire ,not falling one way or the other and MP or councillor both are yes men and women and both speak with a forked tongue to fit the situation they are in ,with the sole purpose to keep there income and position.We need people to hold these positions and we hope as with a lottery ticket we have a winner but the odds are we lose and the same odds apply with councillors and MP and world leaders
    Our grand parents new this and our children will also inherit the same,. Once you establish years of bad practice and have no power but to vote another of the same I am all right Jack attitude there will be unrest in all governments and the world.

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