When Santa is visiting Denton and Audenshaw

FATHER Christmas is currently touring Tameside before the big day and we now know when he will be heading to Denton and Audenshaw.

The Denton and Audenshaw Rotary Club have confirmed their Santa float will be riding around the streets of the two towns between December 4 and 14.

Each night, the journey will start at 6:15pm and end around 8:30pm.

See if the big man is heading to your neighbourhood…

Monday, December 4 

Haughton Green: Starting at the junction of Two Trees Lane/Moorfield Avenue, then on to Moorfield Avenue, Mill Lane, Manor Road, Carrgate Road, Manor Road, Haughton Green Road, Key Court, Reid Close, Haughton Green Road, Bowker Avenue, St Mary’s Avenue onto Sunningdale Road to finish.

Tuesday, December 5 

Audenshaw: Starting on Kings Road estate, to Roker Park estate, Roker Park Avenue, Woodbridge Avenue, Stamford Road, Corporation Road and finishing at New Charter estate.

Wednesday, December 6 

Town Lane: Starting outside St Lawrence Church, Town Lane, then on to Chestnut Gardens, Town Lane, Circular Road, Westbourne, Percy Road, Town Lane, Auburn Road, Ruskin Avenue onto Kingsley Close, Town Lane, then clockwise around Warren Close, across to Millbrook Avenue, Kennedy Way, Tomcroft, Town Lane, City Avenue and on to Shoecroft Avenue to Melbourne Street.

Thursday, December 7 

St Anne’s Estate – Starting outside St Anne’s Church, St Anne’s Drive, Nasmyth Street, Erlesmere Avenue, St Anne’s Road to former Penny Farthing pub. Then continue along St Anne’s Road, St Anne’s Drive, then Cricket Street, onto Wood Street, Greengate, Margaret Road, Moorside Lane, Wood Street, Edward Street, Tame Street, Royle Street, Prubella Avenue, St Anne’s Road, Moorside Lane and finishing at Baytree Avenue.

Friday, December 8

Arnfield Woods estate, then Audenshaw switch-on at Memorial Gardens.

Monday, December 11 

Whitles Farm estate – Starting at Prince Edward Avenue, then on to Stockport Road End, then Prince Edward Avenue, across to Leesway Drive, Fairlea, Leeway Drive, Heatherlea, Glenville Way, Aspen Green, Leesway Drive, Whittles Avenue, Mount Pleasant Road, Garside Street across to Chapelfield Road, St Lawrence Road, Linden Road, Fir Road, Haughton Hall Road to finish on St Lawrence Road to Chapel House.

Tuesday, December 12

Dane Bank West – Starting on Hulme Road (Manchester Road end) then onto Windsor Road, Balmoral Drive, Ash Road, Wainwright Avenue, Norfolk Avenue, Windsor Road, Cambridge Drive across to Cordova Avenue, Wainwright Avenue, Granada Road, Windsor Road and back to Hulme Road.

Thursday, December 14 

Dane Bank East – Starting at the bottom of Ashwood Avenue, then onto Windsor Road, Anson Road, Gloucester Road, Dane Road, then across to Delamere Road, Sherwood Road, across to Harris Avenue, Thompson Road, Ashbrook Avenue and Palmerston Road.

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  1. Can it please come down Wordsworth and ardenfield please there’s a lot children round this area thank you in advance

  2. Mmmmmmm, m34 5eb pay audenshaw council tax but however seem the forgotten corner of AUDENSHAW , though we have AUDENSHAW CO OP

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