Plans resubmitted for phone mast in Gee Cross

A COMMUNICATIONS company is attempting to install a phone mast in an area of Hyde – even though a proposal was previously turned down.

An application to put the 20-metre structure on Stockport Road in Gee Cross was thrown out by Tameside Council’s Speaker’s Panel (Planning) committee in August.

But even though they were told it would be ‘visually incongruous’ and have a ‘detrimental impact on the character of the surrounding area,’ Clarke Telecom, acting on behalf of the applicant Cornerstone, has now come back with fresh proposals.

The plans are to install a new 20-metre pole with two equipment cabinets, six antennas, two dishes, three remote radio units and a GPS module, along with what is called ‘ancillary development.’

Tameside Council’s highways department has recommended approval, adding that the proposals would ‘not have an unacceptable impact on highway safety or that the residual cumulative impact on the road network would be severe.’

That is despite a report when a similar scheme was refused stating: “The proposed development, by virtue of its siting, size, height and external appearance, would be visually incongruous and as a result would have an unacceptable impact on the appearance of the locality appearing much taller than surrounding street furniture and buildings in a residential area on a prominent road resulting in a detrimental impact on the character of the surrounding area, including the setting of a functional green space of high local amenity value.

“Furthermore, the associated equipment cabinets would result in visual clutter within the street scene. The Local Planning Authority is not satisfied that all alternative, potentially less harmful options have reasonably been explored within the necessary catchment area and therefore that no more suitable sites are available.”

Hyde Werneth councillor Phil Chadwick has previously said he is ‘not against’ a phone mast in the village as ‘we’re all aware how bad the signal is’ and urged people to submit their views on the application before the November 1 deadline.

Of the 50 public comments put forward, 28 support the plans and there are 22 objections.

The matter will be heard at a meeting of the council’s Speaker’s Panel (Planning) committee and is set to be decided by November 29.

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