Ashton-under-Lyne to host its own outdoor ‘foodie’ event

STARTING this September, Ashton town centre will host a new and exciting early evening event called ‘Fridays on the Square.’

The initiative, organised by Tameside Council, will offer the opportunity to relax, kick back and socialise with family and friends.

The popular ‘Stalybridge Street Fest’ will continue to be hosted by the Market Co. in Stalybridge each month until December.

Thanks to funding from the Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) for Communities and Place, four pilot events will take place on the first Friday of each month, from 4 pm to 8 pm, spanning September to December.

‘Friday’s on the Square’ aims to attract and welcome all ages to join in the fun with great food, drink, art activities, and music on offer to help bring a sense of vibrancy and community back to the town centre.

The event will have something for everyone, providing an opportunity for families to drop by Ashton town centre after school or on their way home from work, engage in creative and enjoyable activities, and enjoy a delicious meal in a welcoming atmosphere.

Councillor Sangita Patel, Tameside Council’s Assistant Executive Member for Culture, Heritage, and Digital Inclusivity, said: “It is exciting to collaborate with the local community, businesses and partners bring together my vision for an event which highlights the town as well as Tameside’s cultural offer, local arts, and creative activities. The UKPSF funding has given us a unique opportunity to do something different and trial an event that can bring people together in the town centre.”

Councillors David Sweeton , Sangita Patel and Mohammed Karim

Councillor David Sweeton, Tameside Council Executive Member for Inclusive Growth, Business and Employment, said: “I am delighted we can use this funding to invest in projects which support the Master planning and Levelling up work we are doing to help make our town centres, community spaces and cultural offer and support local businesses and the local economy in line with our Inclusive Growth Strategy.

“The event will support opportunities for growth and development for residents and businesses, it gives us the opportunity to evaluate what type of events could be commercially viable for the future.”

Fridays on the Square has been fully funded from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund for Communities and Place for the Ashton Creative Improvement District.

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4 Replies to “Ashton-under-Lyne to host its own outdoor ‘foodie’ event”

    1. My friends from Mosaic took this idea to the market manager and Sangita Patel weeks ago, asking for help to get it off the ground. Not a word till this! Stealing the idea of a small business isn’t nice TMBC! We hope they use local small businesses and not food stalls from out of the borough like they do in Stalybridge!

  1. They’ve put the parking charges up and now the market hall rents, let’s hope it’s going to be local businesses that benefit from this food fest.
    TMBC ruined the farmers market yet still advertise a FM each month. Never seen a FM it’s just like a flea market now with only half a dozen produce stalls.
    People used to come from all over to Ashton market , not any more, and they’re planning on upgrading the market square, what for? More tat.

  2. I wouldn’t go to Ashton anytime let alone a Friday night !! What about all the anti social behaviour that goes on in the market place ? Has that been sorted , I’m guessing not

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