Benidorm or Busters for ghost quartet

FOUR intrepid fundraisers will certainly not go unnoticed as they drive all the way from Stalybridge to Spain.

For they are doing it in a car decked out like the iconic vehicle from the film Ghostbusters.

With flashing lights and sounding siren, what was a plain old Volvo will definitely make a scene as Dan Wallwork and pals travel more than 1,400 miles to Benidorm.

The ghostbusters of Stalybridge head to Benidorm. Image by GGC Media

Joined by Mehmet ‘Casper’ Avci, of Majestic hairdressers, the Carrbrook man will also have Mark Whitehead and Richard Norton on board.

They have set off to Dover, where they will cross the English Channel before making their way through France and Spain, hopefully reaching Benidorm on Saturday, May 20.

And before embarking on their journey, they caused a stir by launching it in Stalybridge town centre, complete with sirens, lights and the four of them in Ghostbusters costumes!

They were also joined by others making the trip, who they did not even know!

There is a serious side, as they have already raised more than £1,000 for Purple Heart Wishes, a charity that grants wishes to people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness aged 18 to 55.

Mark said: “There are 60 vehicles doing it altogether.

The convoy ready for the off

“The guys with us are also doing it but we don’t even know them. They just came along as they’re doing it too.

“We’ve raised more than £1,000 but hopefully we can keep it going.”

YOU CAN donate to the Ghostbusters’ effort by clicking

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