Guide Bridge Theatre Announces Stunning Production of “Wyrd Sisters”

A new theatrical production of Terry Pratchett’s “WyrdSisters” is set to take the stage in a few weeks, promising a magical and unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.

Wyrd Sisters” is a play by Terry Pratchett, based on his novel of the same name. The play is a parody of Shakespearean tragedies and tells the story of three witches: Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and MagratGarlick, who are caught up in a power struggle in the kingdom of Lancre.

The story begins with the murder of the King of Lancreby his cousin Duke Felmet, who becomes the new king. The witches, who have been watching over the kingdom, become involved in the fate of the new queen, who is also Felmet’s wife. The witches take the baby prince and flee the castle, planning to raise him in secret until he can be restored to the throne.

Meanwhile, Felmet is haunted by the ghost of the previous king, who is determined to make sure justice is done. The witches are also visited by the ghost of a murdered actor, who enlists their help in staging a play to expose the truth about the murder.

The play features many of Pratchett’s trademark wit and humour, as well as his astute observations about human nature. It also explores themes of power, justice, and the role of the supernatural in the affairs of mortals. In the end, justice is done, the kingdom is restored to peace, and the witches continue on their way, ready for their next adventure.

This innovative retelling of the classic tale, which follows the adventures of three witches as they navigate the politics of a kingdom in turmoil, is directed by QuinaChapman.

The production promises to bring Pratchett’s beloved characters to life in a way that is both true to the source material and surprising to audiences.

The talented cast includes Jill Ratcliffe, Claire White, Kari Ritto, Liam Mulvey, Jenny Owen, Matt Berry, Paul, James, Tony Tibbenham, Anna Evans, Joshua Bowden, Jackie Hall, Leo Powell, Ken Broadbent, Ashleigh Cooke and Dawn Mallitt, who will bring their own unique interpretations to the roles of the witches, the king, and the various other characters that populate the world of Discworld. The show will also feature stunning sets, special effects, and music that will transport audiences to a magical realm unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Wyrd Sisters” will run for 7 performances only, from May 15 to May 20 at Guide Bridge Theatre, Audenshaw rd, Audenshaw, M34 5HJ.

Tickets are priced at Only £10 or £9 for Members.


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  1. Seriously give it a go.

    It’s great tale and I’m sure it will be a huge fun, it’s not overpriced and it’s got to be better than almost anything on television.

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