Nadine breathes free, kicking 29-year habit

A Tameside Hospital employee has stubbed out her last cigarette after receiving support from local health and wellbeing service Be Well Tameside.

Nadine Smith, 42, used to smoke 15-a-day after starting because of teenage peer pressure, and was thinking about quitting when she saw a Be Well Tameside stand at work and made contact with the team who quickly started her on her quit journey.

Following her referral, Nadine received regular phone calls from her health and wellbeing advisor, who provided smoking advice, tips and tools as well as stop smoking aids.


Thanks to the support from Be Well, Nadine hasn’t smoked for nine months and, as she can feel the benefits of kicking the habit for good, she wants to share her story as part of the Tameside Council-backed No Smoking Day on 8 March. She said: “I feel so much healthier and positive about the future and I’m now more aware of the harmful effects smoking can have on the lungs.”

Currently, just under 20% of people in Tameside smoke and on average they each spend around £1,945 each year on cigarettes. Nadine is able to enjoy the extra money she is now able to save.

Smoking and the risk of lung disease or cancer is commonly known, however the risk smoking has on brain health isn’t understood as much. This year No Smoking Day is promoting the importance of protecting brain health and how quitting smoking can reduce the risk of dementia.

Nadine has a few words of wisdom for anyone in the area also thinking of quitting smoking for good: “Do it with the support of Be Well Tameside and your family and friends. Take each day as it comes and change your routines and habits as this helped me a lot.”

Cllr Eleanor Wills, Tameside Council Executive Member for Population Health and Wellbeing, said: “Stories like Nadine’s inspire people across the borough and show the great work our stop smoking services are doing. If you’re thinking of quitting or know someone who wants to stop smoking please get in touch with the Be Well Tameside team for support, advice and information.”

Smokers are three to four times more likely to quit smoking if they receive support from a stop smoking service like Be Well Tameside.

Be Well Tameside are encouraging all Tameside smokers to consider taking that first step towards quitting this No Smoking Day. Phone 0161 342 5050 or email to make a one-to-one appointment, and for more information about the service, visit

More information on this year’s ‘Today is the Day’ No Smoking Day campaign is available online at

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