Mossley one way system finally comes into effect

THEY ARE the bin bags that survived two monarchs and three Prime Ministers – but they are finally gone.

For a one way system and 20mph speed limit on Mossley’s Roughtown Road has finally come into effect.

Seeing no entry signs at its junction with Manchester Road covered almost became a standing joke among the community.

No entry signs have finally come into force on Roughtown Road in Mossley

They were put in place when Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne and Boris Johnson was Prime Minster.

Now they are there for all to see – but not everyone is happy at traffic only being allowed to come down the hill.

Mossley councillor Taf Sharif said: “We are still getting mixed views on it from residents but a consultation determined the outcome.”

That consultation saw Tameside Council ask for the wider community’s views after a petition was handed to them from people living on or near Roughtown Road to make it one way – down.

Initial proposals for the change to Roughtown Road took place in April 2020 and the scheme was agreed at a Speakers Panel (Planning) meeting that October.

Not everybody is happy with the decision to place the signs here

‘No entry’ signs were erected in 2021 and a ‘no left turn’ sign was installed on Manchester Road.

Now they are in use after becoming operational on March 1, almost three years after first being suggested.

And several residents have criticised the scheme, pointing out some have to go via a circular route to reach certain parts of Mossley.

At least one vehicle has also been spotted defying the signs and going up the hill.

2 Replies to “Mossley one way system finally comes into effect”

  1. This means the only route from Bottom Mossley to Top Mossley is Stamford Road. When that’s closed, as it quite often is, the diversion will be via Well-i-Hole Road, Greenfield, or Wakefield Road and Darnton Road, Ashton. What fun!

  2. Road safety and common sense prevails. A certain death waiting to happen previously – well done, Tameside Council.

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