Time called at Mossley’s Best o’Brass

A MOSSLEY pub has closed its doors after rising bills and costs proved too much.

But landlord of the Best o’Brass, Kyle Clayton, insists he still wants to buy the building and has more projects in the pipeline.

The Manchester Road establishment served its last pint on Friday, February 3, much to the dismay of regulars and staff.

The Mossley pub has closed its doors – GGC Media LTD

However, Kyle told of the toll of running it – but hinted he is still trying to take it on fully.

He said: “This last year has taken it out of me, mentally and physically.

“But I couldn’t have got through it without the help of my family and friends, a massive thanks has to go to the mother Tracey and barman Oli for their tireless work at times.

“This isn’t the end for us by any means, we have things in the background bubbling away.

“I will still fight to buy the building and there could be another pub venture to follow.

“This was one of the hardest decisions to make as I put everything I had into the place to make it work.”

Stock at the Best o’Brass was sold off to make sure nothing was left over when the pub was handed back to Admiral Taverns, who are advertising the pub on their website with an investment figure of £8,000 given.

They describe it as: “The Best o’Brass is a friendly ‘locals’ community drinks only focused pub, which is well supported.

“Cask ale, quiz nights, open the box and bonus ball should also be used to drive footfall. Trade will come from locals looking for a friendly place to meet and have fun.”

Now he has taken the decision to close the pub, Kyle is concentrating on having time with his family before another project.

He said: “The Best o’Brass Mossley for the last year has been more than a business it’s been a family to the community.

“It’s brought me hard times, challenging times and so many happy memories and friends made for life.

“Now hand back and a few weeks spent with my two kids and a few days away. Then it’s time to bounce back on to the next project.”

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