Ashton order to tackle anti-social behaviour

TAMESIDE Council has officially had enough of anti-social behaviour that is plaguing Ashton town centre.

Now it is looking at bringing in an order that prevents people drinking alcohol, using stimulants and depressants, pitching tents, dropping needles or even blocking doorways.

Anyone found breaching it will be hit with a £100 fixed penalty notice or face a £1,000 fine at court.

And they admit turning to a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has come after complaints from the public and businesses who feel anti-social behaviour is seeing potential customers stay away.

PSPO plan for Ashton town centre and beyond

The authority has launched a six-week consultation period over bring in a PSPO, which would also take in the Ashton Moss leisure park area, the bottom half of Richmond Street, Ikea and the town centre bypass up to its junction with Penny Meadow.

Albion Church and the area around is included, although Asda supermarket does not appear to be.Documents detailed the reasons for considering such a move, saying: “Members of the public have voiced their concerns around the plight of the town.

“Local businesses are aggrieved. They have stated that the anti-social behaviour is a contributing factor to potential customers not visiting the town centre.

“The complaints were regarding intoxicated individuals consuming alcohol and other intoxicating substances and causing a nuisance.

“The reports received of anti-social behaviour by Tameside Council have come from members of the public, constituents reporting to the Right Honourable Angela Rayner MP Office and from local businesses, who have also engaged with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on these matters.

“It is clear from the reports that have been received that the groups of people who are actively engaging in anti-social behaviour that the Public Spaces Protection Order is seeking to prohibit are having a detrimental effect on the town as whole.

“Between April 2021 and February 2022, Greater Manchester Police have recorded 78 crimes on Ashton Town Centre that contain an anti-social behaviour element.

“Over the weekend of August 13 and 14, a section 34 Dispersal Order was made under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 by the police for Ashton town, covering the market and fairground activities.“Two arrests were made for theft and harassment/assault offences, additionally 11 people were stopped and searched and a further three traffic offences addressed.

“Police are recommending that the council serve a number of Community Protection Warnings on named individuals with a view of restraining behaviour and failing that the police will follow up further with community protection notices and if necessary injunctions.

“The effect of the operation has been to confirm to the police that a Public Spaces Protection Order is necessary and expedient to support the Police eradicate a number of the issues causing antisocial behaviour in and around the town centre.”A PSPO contains a number of measures aimed at cutting anti-social behaviour, including: “No person shall at any time consume alcohol in any public place in the restricted area or refuse to hand over an open container containing or purporting to contain alcohol, in their possession.

“No person shall at any time, in any public place in the restricted area ingest, inhale or otherwise use intoxicating substances any substance with the capacity to stimulate or depress the central nervous system.

“No person shall discard, other than in an appropriate sharps container, a hypodermic needle or syringe in a public place in the Restricted Area.“A person in a public place in the Restricted Area who causes a health and/or safety risk by obstructing the entrance to or exit from any building, obstructing the free passage of pedestrians on or in a stairwell, causing an obstruction which prevents or hinders street cleansing activity or causing an obstruction which prevents or hinders the free passage of pedestrians or vehicles shall, upon valid request of a Constable or an Authorised Person, move from that location within a reasonable time.

“A person who has erected or is occupying a tent or other temporary structure in a public place in the Restricted Area in a manner that attracts or is likely to attract vermin or creates or is likely to create a health and/or safety risk for any other person.”

Tameside Council’s executive member for town centres and communities, Councillor Vimal Choksi, said: “We have been working hard with the police, the community and other partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and make Tameside a great place to live, work and visit.

“Occurrences of anti-social behaviour do appear to have become an issue in Ashton town centre and we have been looking at different ways of tackling this.

“We want to continue to support the police and council officers in making the town more pleasant and safer for residents and visitors.”

4 Replies to “Ashton order to tackle anti-social behaviour”

  1. Ashton Market Was The Best You Could Find But For Some Reason The Changes That Was Made Was Not For The Better We Need More Police To Stop What Is Going On Instead Of Turning There Backs On The One s That Are Spoiling It For The People Who Love Where They Live Come On Tameside Get A Grip

  2. Have a chat with Lancaster City Council, they have something in place that covers the whole city centre. Run by buisnesses, council and Police. It’s called BID. I work on security in M&S in Lancaster City Centre. Ashtons problems seem very similar to what was happening here

  3. It must be nearly two years since l made a phone call to our police station and attempted to make a complaint.My husband and myself were shopping in Ashton town centre and there were people drinking alcohol on the stalls, we felt intimidated and unsafe.When we arrived home l phoned our police station to make a complaint,the response i got from the lady at the end of the phone was “Are they there now?”When l explained that l was at home she asked if l expected them to go and look just in case??in fact her response was disgraceful and l was shocked.This problem has been allowed to get out of hand by this kind of attitude and we haven’t shopped in Ashton town centre since.

  4. I am having trouble with my neighbour who lives below me and has taken a dislike to us from when we moved in year ago but the past few weeks have gotten worsè everytimes she sees us she shouts and swears obscene things , even whenĝ we look out of the window she puts up 2 fingers to us , she has also started nt bad my mmental
    Health is suffering my d octor has put me on anxiety tablets I don’t no how much more of this I can take I wont go out of this. house alone no more Paul my partner has to be with me. I would just like her to get a ĺetter wàŕniñg her or something hopefully that
    Will be enough to stop her.

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