Tameside Captured: looking through your lens

IF the recent weather was anything to go by, this page would feature a lot of grey squares with raindrops on them.

Either that or something horizontal when it should be vertical!

Thankfully though, Correspondent readers are able to get out and take fantastic images of the area in all weathers.

And even though it may seem like it has done nothing but rain, there have been opportunities to capture fine photos.

STAR IMAGE by Matthew Wren

Matthew Wren caught the glow of lights perfectly against darkening skies – in the evening, not because another rainstorm is coming, with trees forming haunting silhouettes for this month’s Star Image.

The different weather was also caught brilliantly by Hazel Ripley and Gail Walker, who took advantage of some all too rare sunshine.

Gary Taylor caught looming grey skies while Adi Brookes snapped the effect of the mist over the valley.

Spring really is on the way as some flowers are poking through, as Mark Healey showed in his submission.

And wildlife is still braving the changing conditions, as Paul Doherty showed with his fine photo of a heron and Lee Brown caught a fox looking down his lens.

For all the brilliant colours and tones, sometimes no colour at all can do the job, as Gary Whittaker’s snap of a wagon close to houses shows.

• If you want to contribute to Tameside Captured, you can either email photos as a JPEG attachment to gary@localcommunications.co.uk  Or you can post them in our Tameside Captured Facebook group. Search for ‘Tameside Captured’ or head online
to www.facebook.com/groups/1689679511210273

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