Chanel is dressed for success

A NEW location can be added to the age old fashion list of New York, London, Paris, Milan – Carrbrook!

And it is all thanks to the creation of local girl Chanel Elkayam, whose work sent tongues wagging after celebrity Zara McDermott wore it on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards.

Named by many as one of the best dressed celebrities at the recent ceremony, many wondered where her attire came from.


Chanel Elkayam

Was it some famous London designer? Maybe she went to New York to get it? No, the brains behind the gown hails from just outside Stalybridge town centre!

And even though it was not the first time she had designed for someone famous, Chanel has seen a reaction – with orders from other famous faces lining up.

“I have been approached by more celebrities who are interested in bespoke outfits for some upcoming red carpet events,” said the 24-year-old, who started designing at the age of 16.

“At the same time, I am working on some orders.

“I wasn’t shocked to see Zara wear it because she ordered a bespoke piece for the event. I knew this was what she was wearing. It is a bespoke piece made to measure specially for Zara.

The dress by Chanel worn by Zara McDermott at the BRIT Awards ceremony

“Zara last year was branded as the worst dressed on the red carpet and this year when she approached me together with her stylist Georgie Gray, I designed and made a look which would compliment her figure and highlight her presence on the red carpet

“As a result of that we got onto all the best dressed lists globally and the reaction has definitely pleased me. It was so overwhelming.

“And, of course, the reaction to Zara’s dress has resulted in further interest.”

Chanel, who operates under the CJE brand, is used to seeing her work capture people’s imagination around the world.

After having work and collections showcased in each of the big four fashion weeks – Paris, Milan, London and New York – she has been published in the global press and media and followed by global clients.

But how does a girl from Carrbrook end up making waves in the fashion world? Well, it all started with a bit of family advice.

The dress was complimented by VOGUE magazine

Chanel recalled: “Ever since I was a young child I have always been designing and making clothing.

“I did study art at school and achieved 100 per cent A* in both textiles and graphic design but had to self-teach myself a lot at home.

“After my auntie taught me to sew professionally, I decided to start my own brand and later on I enrolled at Central Saint Martin’s University in London.”

Now it is making its mark on the red carpet and the catwalk is Chanel leading a movement that will see Carrbrook added to the fashion week calendar?

Do not expect anything to happen soon.

When asked by The Correspondent, Chanel replied: “Haha, not even close unfortunately.

“I love our neighbourhood though.”

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