Successful Hyde company moves fully back into town

A MULTI-MILLION pound business has been given permission to bring all its workforce back into Hyde at a new unit.

And councillors even congratulated bosses of Stainless Reconstruction on their move.

The firm has been forced to operate out of bases in Hyde, Stockport, Middleton and Halifax since its base at Adamson Industrial Estate was damaged by a fire last April.

The building on Raglan Street, Hyde

However, after frustrations with its current headquarters, it applied to move to a new purpose built unit at the nearby Phoenix Works on Raglan Street.

And as owner Frank Morris explained, having that with an existing structure being demolished to make way for it, can bring extra revenue into Hyde.

He told a meeting of Tameside Council’s Speakers Panel (Planning) committee on Wednesday, September 15: “Having lost 32,000 square feet of space, the workforce has been displaced out of the borough in part.

“We want to try and bring it back to a single site. It took me 22 years to find 70 good people we employ and they gave me the strength to continue.

“I want to put Hyde and Tameside back on the map. Before the pandemic, we had the best trading we’d had and were heading for a turnover of £7 million.

“I don’t think that’s gone, it’s still there. We can get it if we come back together in the one place.”

Councillors unanimously voted to approve the proposal, which will see a part-brick, part-steel structure erected for Stainless Reconstruction.

Hyde councillor Philip Fitzpatrick told Mr Morris: “Everyone on this panel wishes you great success.”

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