Young mum insists abuser ‘has not broken me’

A MAN has been jailed after a young mother to jump eight feet from her Hattersley home.
But she insists, ‘he has not broken me.’

Jayden Knight held a knife to Amy Bradbury’s throat and threatened to kill her having already grabbed her by the throat before throwing her on to the stairs in a drink and cocaine-fuelled rage.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court, sitting at Stockport Magistrates’ Court, heard how 28-year-old Knight’s jealousy ended with Amy climbing through a window and jumping 8ft onto the apex of a roof, injuring her knee.

Things came to a head in April after a birthday party at her friend’s house.

The court heard he became jealous after she shook hands with a couple of male guests to say goodbye, grabbing her neck and pulling her home.

Jayden Knight

When they got back at the house he grabbed a kitchen knife saying: “You’re not going to live in this f****** house after touching people and shaking hands.”

Then he put the knife across his hand and said: “This is what I’m going to do to your throat.”

Knight then locked her in a room and took her phone and her car keys away from her and told her: “You’re not leaving this house alive”.

Amy’s plea to let her call her children was met with: “You don’t f****** deserve them.”

Prosecutor Kate Hammond told the court: “She thought she was going to die.”

Despite her ordeal, 28-year-old mother-of-two Amy told the court in a victim statement: “He has not broken me, he has made me stronger.

“I will not allow him to make any other women feel the way he made me feel. I’ve lived through the worst and I’ve had so many bad experiences, but I can put them all behind me now.”

Defending, Paul Bryning said Knight had spent most of the period since the offences in custody.

He said: “He suffered from bipolar disorder and when he was released from prison he found himself without a GP and his medication.

“He knows he is prone to having outbursts of aggression and he admits to using alcohol in various quantities and taking cocaine, which affects his judgement.

“He doesn’t challenge any part of the facts and has great regret and remorse.”

Recorder Douglas Jones QC jailed Knight for a total of 45 months and imposed a seven-year restraining order on Knight preventing him from going near Amy.

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