Ears to a business success

A MOSSLEY woman hopes to get people’s ears listening out to a whole new level after launching a new business.

Harriet Potts has decided to set up Open Ears, which is a wax removal service tackling a problem in the community that is more prevalent than you would think.

Put simply, demand from the people she lives around told her about the need for such a service,
Offering home as well as clinic appointments to the locals of Mossley and Saddleworth, as well as other parts of Oldham and Tameside, it is proving popular after being incorporated in September.

Harriet said: “From conversational evidence from different people in the community, there is a common response that, ‘You can’t get your ear wax removed anywhere! My GP stopped offering the service.’

“Other clients have said they know of private places to get ear wax removed but, ‘nobody seems to be offering home visits.’

“My understanding is that other health concerns have become prioritised and ear wax removal has had to be taken off services being offered in many practices.”

Harriet has a background in community nursing of more than 10 years and is putting the techniques she has learned to good use.

Harriet said: “I have had updated training on safe ear wax removal techniques in ear irrigation.

“Once a client is deemed as suitable for ear wax irrigation, the process usually takes up to 30 minutes in clinic (60 minutes on a home visit to allow for set up time), providing they have pre-softened the wax in the ear canals with olive oil for five days prior to treatment.

“The aim of wax removal is to provide improved hearing for the individual once the wax is removed, allowing sound waves to flow freely through the structures of the ear.

“Loss of hearing can be frustrating and also contribute to social isolation and depression.

“It is important that a clinical reason is identified for the wax removal as it is not a cosmetic procedure.”

After establishing a reputation with her work in clients’ homes, Harriet, who is based in Mossley, will soon have a clinic to operate from.

For from Friday, October 15, she will be able to work from Allegro Opticians in Greenfield.

Anyone wishing to book for ear wax removal may contact Harriet on 01457 338028, e-mail open-ears@hotmail.com or find Open Ears on Facebook.

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