‘Racist’ video shocks community

PEOPLE living near the scene of a video showing a woman allegedly hurling racist abuse towards a black woman have branded it ‘disgusting.’

A 42-year-old is currently on bail after being arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred following an incident in the Carrbrook area of Stalybridge.

Footage shows the woman shouting, ‘You are a monkey,’ multiple times and also making racist gestures with her arms.

A screengrab from the video that has been circulating on social media

The alleged victim tells her: “You’re the one that’s the racist.

“You do not condone that kind of behaviour and get into fight with me and then pull off my wig you thinking that you won, you’re pathetic.

“You’re pathetic and then you just slapped me across the head again, you have just slapped me across the head again.

“You’re saying I’m playing the racist card and you have literally just called me a monkey.

“What time is it, you’re absolutely p*** drunk? You want to talk about black people, you want to talk about black people, how about you do something for your country.

“I will get on to the police, you are drunk, you literally said I look like a monkey, you’re obviously drunk.”

The footage, filmed close to Huddersfield Road, was greeted with an almost unanimous reaction – disgusting along with vile and awful.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “On September 7, police received a report of racist abuse, which happened in the Huddersfield Road area of Stalybridge.

“A 42-year-old woman has since been arrested on suspicion of inciting hatred and has been bailed with conditions which includes an order to not communicate with the victim or one witness directly or indirectly and to not to go within 100 metres of their homes.”

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