Hall needs funds for new roof

FUNDS are desperately needed to put a new roof on a village hall as the current one may be in danger of falling in.

Money coming into the building in the Heyrod area of Stalybridge has reduced to a trickle because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now a new leak has appeared in a roof that has already been repaired several times.

The fight is now on to get the money together to do a proper replacement canopy, or the consequences could be severe.

Heyrod community hall

And with winter coming, the sooner action is taken, the better.

Natalie McEvoy, who sits on the committee at Heyrod Village Hall, said: “We’ve not been able to put anything on since March last year and we’ve only just reopened.

“The regulations that were in place meant we couldn’t open. Everyone who runs the hall is a volunteer and we just couldn’t do things like have waiting staff to serve tables.

“We had a few years’ worth of money put aside in case anything went wrong. However, over the last year the boiler broke and now the roof has broken.

“Those reserves have been used up. We have enough for things like the insurance and utility bills but we really need more money.

“The roof went last year. We patch-fixed it, as we have done about six times and it’s got to the point where we can’t do it any more.

“And we’ve been told that if we don’t get it repaired, it could start damaging the beams underneath it. It really needs a completely new roof and one that size would cost £8,000.

“But if we don’t get it repaired now, the damage it may cost could be much more expensive. If we don’t, the roof could fall down.

“And we’re apprehensive about facing winter with it in its current state.”

Committee members are looking into the possibility of applying for a grant to help them cover the repair costs.

However, how the hall works is throwing up another challenge.

Natalie added: “I feel like we’re in a bit of a no man’s land because although we’re a registered charity, we don’t do much of the things proactively that would make us eligible for grants.

“What we do for the village is have social events to build that community feel.

“However, we’re not necessarily taking people out for lunch or anything like that.”

The first fundraising events to help Heyrod Village Hall have been set up.

A quiz on September 4 will be followed by a band event in October.

The quiz starts at 6pm and costs £3 per person to enter. All money goes towards the roof appeal.
A fundraising page has also been set up.

You can contribute online: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Heyrodroofappeal

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