Hunt on to find stolen Gee Cross scarecrow

AN APPEAL has gone out to track down a scarecrow after it was surprisingly stolen.


Becky Hepplestone created an Olympic-themed installation on the corner of Higham Lane and Spring Avenue in Gee Cross as part of the area’s competition.


It came about after four-year-old son, Parkey Gilligan, was obsessed with the sporting spectacular in Tokyo.

The Olympics themed scarecrow was stolen from Gee Cross. Photo by Gemma Carter, Tameside Correspondent

But on Sunday afternoon, it was the centre of something altogether different when someone took the mannequin, which was dressed in athletics kit wrapped in an England flag.


The neighbouring street sign also had tape put over it to look like a hurdle, with the tag ‘110 metres hurdles’ above it.


So far, the entry has not made it back to its original place and Becky has been left baffled.


She said: “We fight to bring a village community feel within Gee Cross participating in all of the local activities.


“My two young children worked hard to create the scarecrow as they did last year, only for someone to steal it in broad daylight.


“It just baffles me that someone feels the need to jeopardise the fun within the village.”

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