Who gets your vote? – Candidates in Denton South ward

WHO will get your vote when Tameside goes to the polls on Thursday, May 6?

Residents who are registered to vote can have their say in the local borough elections and also the Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections.

For the local borough elections, one new councillor per ward will be elected from nominated candidates to represent the area on Tameside Council. Residents can have their say for the ward in which they live.

There are different ways to vote in the elections: at your local polling station, by post or by proxy (appointing someone to vote on your behalf).

You will receive a poll card telling you where to vote if you wish to vote in person at your local polling station on May 6.

Significant efforts have been made to ensure that all polling stations are Covid safe. Voters and staff will be required to wear a face covering (unless they are exempt), observe social distancing and use hand sanitiser which will be made available. Voters can bring their own pen or pencil should they wish to do so.

If you registered for a postal vote, you will receive a voting pack in the post including instructions on how to vote. Make sure you send it back so that it arrives by 10pm on election day.

The counts for local elections will commence at 11am on Friday, May 7 at Plantation Industrial Estate, Whitelands Road, Ashton-under-Lyne and is expected to be completed by 4pm. Admittance is strictly by ticket only.

To find out more go online: www.tameside.gov.uk/elections/ or call 0161 342 8355.

Here are the candidates standing in Denton South ward:

Timothy Cho, Conservative Party

Timothy Cho, Conservative Party

I WAS born in North Korea and spent many years homeless and begging for food after my parents escaped the brutal regime. I managed to escape twice and was imprisoned and tortured on my journey to freedom. These experiences have made me appreciate living in a democratic society.

For too long the Labour councillors have talked a good talk on tackling poverty in Denton South, but they live the high life whilst local people have struggled with ever-increasing council tax bills. With their large allowances, they haven’t experienced the struggles that many local families do every day.

I want to give back to the country that has welcomed me and embraced me. I want to help those who are less fortunate in Denton South – those who don’t have everything and who need support.

If you elect me, I will serve our community, listen to your concerns and work hard to make Haughton Green and Denton a great place to live, work and bring up a family. 

Only a vote for the Conservatives on May 6 is a vote for a brighter future for Tameside.

Ben Hart, Green Party

Ben Hart, Green Party

I HAVE lived and worked in Tameside all my life. I’ve worked around Denton as a joiner and now run my own building business, prioritising local, private and small business clients. This allows me to limit the use of my van, reducing my environmental impact by cycling to jobs once my equipment and resources are in place.  

I decided to stand as a candidate again, to give the people of Denton South the option to vote Green.

I support local campaigns to save Tameside’s greenbelt and oppose the plans in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework to use it for housing and business development. I support the building of more affordable homes.

Our greenbelt and other green spaces are essential for the health and wellbeing of people and, crucially, to prevent flooding.

We now have a Green councillor in Ashton and beat the Conservatives in a third of contested wards last time, which proves just how electable we are.

If you want green, vote Green.

Barbara Kaya, Reform UK

Barbara Kaya, Reform UK

BORN in Denton, I have two grown up daughters and work as an accounts manager for a local engineering company.  I have lived in Tameside all my life and want the best for our community.

Over the years, poor planning policies have destroyed Tameside’s town centres and now they are planning to destroy our greenbelt.  A project to build 2,350 houses on Godley greenbelt must be stopped.

I believe we should regenerate our town centres into living spaces, creating eco-friendly, affordable accommodation.  Town centre living could create a thriving community with good local amenities using existing infrastructure networks.     

Many brownfield sites have been used to build supermarkets all competing for the same consumers. Such brownfield areas could have been used for housing or industrial developments, utilising existing land more efficiently and protecting our greenbelt and its biodiversity for future generations. 

As we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, this would be an affordable way forward.

Reform UK, the alternative choice.

George Newton, Labour Party

George Newton, Labour Party

IT has been a privilege to serve the community where I was born, raised and live. 

Nothing has tested our community quite like the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of local people have faced job insecurity, families have depended on our community foodbank, and many of us have lost loved ones to this terrible disease. 

Our job as a community now is to rebuild our community. I’ll ensure local people can get the skills they need to get the work they want. I’ll support our local economy to make Denton South the best possible place to live, work and raise a family; and I’ll fight to protect and enhance our precious green spaces. 

We haven’t just had the pandemic to face: our community has suffered from 10 years of Tory cuts, disproportionately affecting the vulnerable, and we have seen police numbers drastically cut back.

Please put your faith in me on May 6: I’ll always stand up for Denton South.

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