Eight homes plan for Woodend View is described as ‘bonkers’

AN application to build eight houses on a plot of land in Mossley has been described as “bonkers”.

The proposed development at Woodend View was raised at a meeting of Mossley Town Council by resident Nick Gittings as it is adjacent to his home.

Land in Mossley for proposed housing development – photo by Gemma Carter

Nick said he was not opposed in principle to a development, explaining the land is dangerous
“I have to cut down trees each year and this land needs something done with it,” he said.

He pointed out it is a development which keeps growing, saying permission was granted for three properties in 2003 while a new one for six houses in 2011 was rejected.

Nick added a new application was made in 2020 but was withdrawn when residents raised issues, but it reappeared shortly before Christmas.

He added there is flooding on the road caused by two natural streams on the land as well as access and safety issues.

Plans for the site in Mossley

“If there is to be a development, it ought to address the concerns of residents. It is bonkers to have eight houses on it,” he said.

Cllr Frank Travis, Mossley Town Council chair, added the level of information was not there for them to make an informed view as to whether they believed it should go ahead.

The application, which has been submitted by Mark Andrew and Frank Williams, c/o FQW Designs, Stockport, will be determined by Tameside Council’s planning committee.

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