Holy Trinity’s message of hope

HOPE is the theme to Christmas initiatives organised by Holy Trinity Church, Stalybridge.

A team of volunteers is distributing 2,000 gift boxes to households in their parish.

Curate Simon Stride described them as “gift boxes of hope” as they will contain family activity packs and surprise items.

“Christmas will look very different this year. We have a generous church family, and this is something they wanted to do,” he explained.

They are also encouraging people in the parish to light candles in their windows as a symbol of hope.

There is also a Christmas tree outside church, and they are asking residents to tie messages of hope to it.

Holy Trinity has also launched a website for the community ‘We Love Stalybridge’ to promote positivity in the town.

And each day during December the website will carry a ‘story of hope’ from people connected with the town including MP Jonathan Reynolds, councillors, Town Team members and local traders.

The Rev Stride said: “We are hoping to raise people’s spirits and help with their well-being during this difficult time.

“We will be asking interviewees two questions ‘What is it you love about Stalybridge?’ and ‘What are you hopeful for this Christmas?’

“We have launched the website as a church but want others to embrace it.”

The website, the logo for which is illuminated on the outside of the church after darkness, also carries posters which can be downloaded and placed in windows.

The website is www.welovestalybridge.com and Holy Trinity also has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.




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