MP to take a dive for Florence – eventually!

MP ANDREW Gwynne will still face his greatest fear – and no, we are not talking about Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a darkened alley.

Instead, he is preparing to skydive 15,000ft from a plane.

But there is a great reason why the Denton and Reddish MP is doing it, even though he is petrified at the thought of jumping.He is doing it to raise funds and awareness for brave Florence Croce, the six-year-old girl who is battling a rare genetic disorder known as GM1.

The Covid-19 outbreak meant the dive could not take place on its original May date. However, it has now been arranged for October.

“It must’ve been a low moment when I agreed,” quipped Andrew. “But seriously, how could you not for this little girl?

“Anything that can help raise awareness and sufficient funding so that she and her brother Riccardo can have some really nice experiences is well worth it.

“Just don’t remind me as to what I’ve agreed to do. I’m petrified of heights!”

Andrew has scaled the heights and come back down again before by abseiling off Stopford House in Stockport and Ashton’s Ikea store.

This challenge, however, is a whole different level.

“I thought I’d peaked with the abseils,” added Andrew as he visited Florence at her Dukinfield home on her sixth birthday.

“Jumping out of a plane is something completely different. I’ll probably love it and I didn’t have to think about it before Is aid yes.

“It’s only afterwards that I thought, ‘Oh my, what have I just done?’ I can’t get out of it as I can’t be the chicken but it’ll be fun.”

Florence suffers from Gangliosidosis GM1, an inherited disorder that progressively destroys the brain and spinal cord and which will slowly take away her ability to walk, talk and swallow.

And even the MP has had his eyes opened after meeting her mother Jenny and getting involved with Fundraising for Florence.

“I knew nothing about the condition until we had a meeting in my office,” Andrew admitted. “But I learned a lot at the meeting and as a father and grandfather myself, there but for the grace of God go any of us.

“The more we learn about this and the more we understand about it, the better.

“We’re here to give Florence the best experiences in life. She deserves it but so do her family too.”
• You can donate to the appeal, which supports in GM1 Foundation, online at:

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