Stalybridge GP becomes broadcasting health guru during pandemic

A GP from Stalybridge is putting Tameside and Glossop on the map while offering health advice and guidance through the COVID-19 pandemic on social media, radio and TV.

Dr Richard Bircher, a GP at Lockside Medical Centre recently appeared on BBC Breakfast TV as their guest GP. Speaking about his past experience he said: “I started on Tameside Radio four years ago as ‘Doctor Rick, the local GP’. I then had a Friday night music show for two years. I’ve also been on BBC Radio Manchester talking about Coronavirus.”

He told how he first got into broadcasting: “In 2017 a friend, Penny Macdonald, and I used to appear on That’s Manchester TV, doing comedy late night songs. That was the most stressful as it was live.”

Richard has been using TV and radio recently to give a local flavour to the Coronavirus issue.

He added: “The people of Tameside and Glossop are amazing and have done so much to control the virus. If I can help in any way make them safer then I’m happy.

“I really enjoy it. I get to talk to wonderful people and get important health messages out to the population as a whole. I like to help people feel good about living in our local area. There is so much going on and working at the radio I get to hear all about things.

“Also I like to support our senior local leadership. They have been working so hard in the background keeping us safe. I listen to their ideas and try to get them out across the airways in an easy to understand way.”

NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group Co-Chair, Dr Asad Ali said: “I really appreciate the work Richard is doing to raise awareness of important health messages relating to coronavirus.

“The more people we reach the better and sometimes hearing messages from a recognised medical professional can be more relatable and have more impact. It is also great to see the profile of Tameside and Glossop health services being raised generally.”

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