Local landmark to have spire and lantern restored

ONE of Tameside’s most iconic landmarks has been earmarked for repair work to safeguard the structure.Grade II listed Hartshead Pike will have its spire and lantern restored by specialist contractors.

The total cost of repairs to this piece of local heritage will be £61,000 and this will come from Tameside Council’s capital programme statutory compliance budget for 2020-21.

The main structure of the building is stable. However, the lantern on top of the tower has been removed for safety reasons. As part of the work taking place, this will be restored and reinstated.

Additionally, the masonry on the tower needs to be repaired to prevent rainwater from pouring in and damaging the internal structure.

Further investigation is needed to assess the strength of the internal steelwork support beams.

To prevent further weather damage to Hartshead Pike and to take advantage of better weather this work will be carried out during the summer.

It is expected further restoration work will be carried out on the tower over the long term.

Hartshead Pike was built in 1863, replacing a structure that was originally constructed in 1751.

In the 1930s there was a sweet shop in the tower, but this closed at the start of the Second World War and the entrance has now been bricked over.

Cllr Oliver Ryan, Tameside Council executive member for finance and economic growth, said: “We know how important Hartshead Pike is to Tameside, Ashton and Mossley.

“The tower is a vital part of our shared heritage and is a Tameside icon recognisable from miles away, which we are immensely proud of.

“I’m so pleased that despite financial pressures across the board, as ever, we’re making sure the future of this historic landmark is secure.

“Once this work is complete, the monument will once again be fit for the future, However, we advise against travelling from further afield to visit it at this time.”

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