Fatality sparks new calls for action at Matley Lane accident blackspot

FEARS of a fatality at an accident blackspot have sadly been realised.

Resident Ian Allcroft had long predicted somebody would lose their life on Matley Lane on the Stalybridge/Hyde border.Cllr Doreen Dickinson added her frequent pleas for traffic calming measures to be introduced have been ignored.

And the nightmare scenario happened when two cars were involved in a collision on May 4 which resulted 10 days later in the death of a 47-year-old man.

Ian, 75, who lives on Blundering Lane which is used as a rat run, said: “I had been predicting a fatality and sadly it has come true.

“There is a memorial to the person, flowers and a Manchester City shirt, yet incredibly drivers are still speeding past it.

“Cars are still travelling 60 miles an hour on what is a country lane.

“I walked from my home to the Rising Moon and back and I clocked at least six cars above the speed limit.

“That is in one hour so replicate that and hundreds, maybe thousands, of cars are speeding on the road every year.”

Ian added Matley Lane is also used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders which increases the danger.

He said: “In the current crisis there are a lot more walkers who use it to get on to the moors.

“We are lucky there isn’t an accident every day. I had long maintained sooner or later there will be a horrific one which sadly came true.”

Ian, who still runs an import and export business, can canvassed residents.

He continued: “I have spoken to eight neighbours and they are all incensed.

“They came up with various suggestions which included traffic lights on the narrow section, close it completely except for access, put in speed humps and maybe a chicane, though that may be a problem for farmers and vans.”

Ian, who favours speed humps, added he was aware of four horses which have been injured on Matley Lane.

He continued: “Matley Lane is horrendous early morning and late in the afternoon – in fact the traffic is also horrific during the day.

“Blundering Lane is used as a rat run and I hear screeching brakes every day.”

Cllr Dickinson, who represents Stalybridge South, explained she has been campaigning for action for between 10 and 15 years.

She revealed she had written to Ian Saxon, Tameside Council’s director of operations and neighbourhoods, a fortnight before the fatality to again ask for priority arrows on the section to warn drivers.

Cllr Dickinson added Ian Allcroft had canvassed residents and about one dozen suggestions for improved safety had been forwarded to the council.

“Tameside Council’s engineers are currently looking at the idea, but I have been assured something will definitely put I place,” she said.

Cllr Dickinson pointed out the volume of traffic using the country lane had grown considerably caused by new developments at the Hyde end of the road.

She continued: “I appreciate council finances are stretched and surrounding land is owned by farmers so it would cost millions to widen.

“I am sick of telling the council about how dangerous the road is and warned there would be a fatality which sadly has happened.”

Cllr Dickinson explained three months before the latest crash she made an initial request for priority arrows to be placed on the section near the Rising Moon pub.

“That would not solve the problem but at least it would warn drivers that the road was narrowing,” she said.

Cllr Dickinson, who also intends to seek backing from MP Jonathan Reynolds, believes speed humps are the answer, not only on Matley Lane but also on Blundering Lane as surrounding roads are also an issue.

She added she had Tameside Council engineers out to discuss having a pelican crossing at the junction of Woodend Lane and Mottram Road which is well used by pupils attending Stalyhill Juniors and Infants.

However, that has been ruled out because the junction is on a bend of Mottram Road and in close proximity to the bus stop.

8 Replies to “Fatality sparks new calls for action at Matley Lane accident blackspot”

  1. As someone who uses this road a lot as my family live in Dukinfield I agree Priority Arrows would be a brilliant idea

  2. Most people use the road properly giving way to each other, sadly its the few idiots that cause the problems and priority arrows will just be ignored. Speed bumps will slow them down a bit but won’t stop them on the narrow bend they will still ignore when someone’s already on their way the other way. It need lights plain and simple.

  3. Unfortunately the give way for the narrow section is optional, and there is no signing to support it. If you’re new to the road or just passing through then the idea of waiting at the right point will be down to common sense and chance. Speeding is also encouraged by the give way process, with cars rushing to get through while others are waiting. Formalise the wait with some traffic control and solve the problem. At the very least some speed bumps and signage would help.

  4. Marley Lane is a rat run. In the evening rush hour traffic leaves the M67 travel along Clarendon Road, Victoria Street and Matley Lane to avoid the traffic at the end of the M67. Also since the Bay Horse pub was shut and the Co-Op convenience store there has been a slight increase in traffic on Victoria Street and Matley Lane to this there is no answer.

    Rush hour traffic will be eased when the long awaited by-pass is built, I am not holding my breath.

  5. Speed is the factor here , Matley Lane is no more dangerous than any other if driven within the limits.

    Average speed camera’s between the Wagon and horses and the rising moon would drop the speeding rate over time. 90 %+ of drivers negotiate the lane safely and without incident. The remaining percentage will always drive badly on any section of road .

  6. Appalling Road, and Tameside planners have had their heads in the sand for years on this one. Damaged a tyre when forced over into the kerb by a madman in a white van last year. The high kerbs and huge rocks are also an accident waiting to happen. 30mph signs are ineffective and ignored, should be 20.Narrow section should be controlled by lights. Speed bumps or chicane on Blundering Lane and Wood end Road. Discourage the ratrun.

  7. Why does it take a fatality for something to be done about this. It’s disgraceful. Speed is definitely the issue. If you don’t know the area it is not clear at all that the road narrows so signs are needed for that. Speed bumps surely would have a big impact and maybe lights. As a horse rider I have had many an issue on this road, two of them being nearly wiped out with speeding cars. Knowing there are speed bumps and knowing motorists don’t like them would they decide to take an alternative route , who knows?

  8. I live on matley lane it is not a black spot I drive on it every day to my knowledge there as only been one fatality in 30 yrs and know more then 5 seriously accident in all that time most if not all will be down to speed so slow down drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery it’s not a bloody race track

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