Stalybridge man described as ‘professional criminal’ is jailed

A STALYBRIDGE man, described in court as a “professional criminal”, has been jailed for 14 weeks.

Mohammed Arif Zahiri, 24, of Mottram Road, committed his latest offences only two days after he received a suspended prison sentence.Zahiri appeared before Stockport Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 26 and pleaded guilty to damaging a cash machine valued at more than £4,000 at the Halifax Bank, Ashton, on Thursday, May 21.

Zahiri received a six-week sentence and a further four weeks to run concurrent for damaging a phone on May 21 worth £500 and belonging to Greater Manchester Police.

The remaining eight weeks in prison were imposed for breaching a previous suspended sentence.

Zahiri was sentenced to four weeks, suspended for 12 months on May 19 for each of four offences committed on May 14.

He was convicted of that day damaging cash machines at four banks – Halifax, Nationwide, NatWest and Yorkshire, all in Ashton.

As Zahiri breached his suspended sentence, he received four-week jail terms for each of those offences, two to run consecutively and two concurrently meaning he must serve eight weeks in prison.

“The nature of the offences shows that the defendant is operating as a professional criminal,” the court sheet disclosed.

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  1. And that’s meant to deter him from doing it again??? The word ‘punishment’ has lost it’s meaning in the justice system.

    1. This person is a medical health patient and because they giving him highly addictive medication that unstable his mind and makes him high. I think government is encouraging mental health patients to commit more crimes by giving them highly addictive medication I have proof of his medication and how it affects him, now Arif Zahiri is missing again after taking those medications recently and must have went to smash another cash machine, the benefit support payments cards he receives from home office when it gets blocked or if he types his pin incorrectly the cash machine banned the card and hold it, And and mental health patient Arif does not know how to deal with such situation and that’s why he ends up kicking or punching the cash machine and here the government says he seem to be a professional criminal which is not right, Arif is an example of one of the most vulnerable people which the government misunderstand theirs behaviour and making their situation worst instead of helping them get support and daily care

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