Audenshaw ‘scary people’ become video stars

A GROUP of ‘Scary People’ have become video stars by appearing in an online rendition of a familiar pop song to raise spirits during lockdown.

The Audenshaw Scary People feature in the online footage, showing them all singing The Human League’s 1981 hit Don’t You Want Me.

Some have better singing voices than others while some even dressed up for their small parts.

But it is proving a hit as it had more than 1,200 views in less than a week after it was published on YouTube.

The group, all people from the Audenshaw area, is closely associated with The Hanging Gate pub on Audenshaw Road, which has had to shut its doors during the lockdown.

Brothers Michael and David Pollitt and Stuart and Steven Pilkington feature, along with cameos from Sam Smith, Ben Marland and Richard Eccles among others.

And while an attempt on the charts may not be likely, smiles on faces during these tough times are a certainty.

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