Former newspaper office in Stalybridge earmarked for flats

A FORMER newspaper office would be turned into flats if plans are given the go ahead.

Tameside Council has received an application to convert the building on Acres Lane into 12 separate properties.

It would finally put an end to speculation over what Park House would be turned into, after rumours of it being converted into an Indian restaurant and even a branch of fast food chain KFC.

And it is linked to Tameside Council’s work around Supported Living Schemes for people with learning disabilities.

The application, from Stalybridge-based Cheshire Properties Ltd, would see six bedrooms put on each of the building’s two storeys.

But a transport statement admits it would need more parking spaces, stating: “In this instance 27 parking spaces would be required, this would be far greater than the actual existing parking spaces.”

However, based on its previous use, the applicants believe it will have a positive impact on the surrounding streets.The statement adds: “It would be a safe conclusion to assume the traffic movements both pedestrian and vehicular, necessary to serve the previous users would far exceed the vehicle movements generated by the proposed development.

“Likewise the road network and infrastructure around Park House will have been improved over the years to compensate the needs of the growing industry and although this is still needed for the existing local businesses it is not necessary for the proposed development.

“We can safely assume, with some degree of accuracy pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be considerably less than previous needs.

“With less traffic movements and most probably less pedestrian access to and from the site we can conclude a comparison at the worst scenario the proposed development will have no impact on the existing highways and transport systems.

“We can therefore conclude with less demand or use on the highways and transport systems there will be less of an impact on the highway network from the proposed development than was required by previous uses.”

Eight other studies have been submitted with the application, which will be either accepted or rejected by Tameside Council’s planning committee.

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