Give your Tameside bin crew a wave

IT may not be the most glamorous role but for once bin crews are getting the limelight.

Tameside Council is encouraging residents to #wavetoyourbincrew to support the hard working waste teams who are stretched to the limit as they keep a full service running despite the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

And households have embraced the plea – with notes taped to bins, signs in windows and social media being filled with heartwarming messages of appreciation and thanks.

Residents of all ages have joined in with the campaign – with both children and older people waving from their windows and gardens. And their notes, relaying their thanks and support, have included drawings of rainbows, hearts and even superheroes. Some streets have gone as far as giving the waste teams a round of applause.

The warm response has really lifted the spirits of bin crews, one of the many frontline key workers who are still out serving the local community at what it is a difficult and unsettling time.

And the support works both ways. One isolated resident messaged the council to say a wave from a bin man had “made her day”.

Another described them as “unsung heroes” who were keeping an essential service going.

Bin crews are one of the most visible frontline services at the council but recognition also goes to the many other essential workers who make a difference behind the scenes.

Tameside Council Executive Member Cllr Allison Gwynne, who is responsible for operations and neighbourhoods, said: “Our bin crews carry out one of the most important roles in the council and is at times like this that we all realise just how much we rely on their hard work and dedication. It may not be a glamorous job but it is an important one and they deserve this recognition for their starring role.

“A big thank you to everyone who has got behind the campaign – we have been overwhelmed with the lovely messages and support and I know the it has really raised morale in the team. Most of all thanks not just to our bin crews but to all our key workers who are working their socks off at the moment to keep essential services running for our local community.”

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