Mossley Cancer Committee to hold virtual coffee mornings to help prevent loneliness

A WELL-ESTABLISHED charity responsible for raising tens of thousands of pounds to help cancer sufferers over 50 years has turned to technology to keep going.

For Mossley Cancer Committee is holding virtual coffee mornings during the COVID-19 lockdown.

And member Valerie Lee believes that can help ease loneliness and isolation among people, as well as add much-needed funds to its amazing total.

Mossley Cancer Committee helps provide ‘pamper bags’ for people receiving chemotherapy, including things as basic as pen and paper and something to read to help while away the time at the Macmillan unit at Tameside Hospital.

It also donated funds to help pay for sandwiches, buy magazines and books and spa equipment as part of a £4,000 handout – part of an estimated total of about £23,000 over recent years.

Willow Wood Hospice, Christie Hospital, Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, Cancer Research UK, Prevent Breast Cancer, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Marie Curie, Reuben’s Retreat, Maggies at The Christie and in Oldham, the Cecilia Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital, London’s University Hospital and the Dianne Oxberry Trust also received funds from their efforts.

Not bad for a group of ladies ranging from their mid-50s to late 90s – with a great amount of public support.

Now, Valerie is using a bit of modern technology to keep the group’s efforts going after admitting she herself is suffering with isolation.

Every Saturday morning at 11am, starting this Saturday, people can now link up over the internet at a gathering, just like it was a regular event.

Valerie will be hosting the coffee morning using her own Facebook page and she told the Correspondent: “My hope is people will just stop on Saturday at 11, enjoy a coffee like they would at a coffee morning and put £1 in a jar.

“Then we will have an event to collect any donations.”

Valerie has also suggested people call somebody on the phone, especially if they are on their own.

Every Saturday morning people can now link up over the internet at a gathering, just like it was a regular event.

In a letter, Valerie wrote: “During this difficult tune, I for one am finding it very difficult not socialising and greatly miss our Cancer Committee events.

“So whilst we are all In isolation, I will be attending a virtual Coffee Morning in the Safety of my own home each Saturday at 11am, I hope you will join me.

“I will spend this time chatting to David and Bruce about the good times being involved in the Cancer Committee has brought us, also thinking about all the new friends we have made.

“I am aware lots of you live alone and know this time is extra difficult but use the time to reflect on the good times and think about all what is to come, or even ring a fellow supporter and chat over coffee.

“If you are able put a £1 in a jar for your coffee, then when the gates open we will have a coffee day and all put our money in the bucket.

“Please stay safe and look after yourself.”

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