Castle Street car park concerns worsened by woeful weather

THE Castle Street car park in Stalybridge has been described as “completely unfit for purpose” as the misery continues for motorists.Following last month’s complaint from Pattern House resident Steve Walton in the Correspondent, another person has voiced concerns.

And in the wake of recent storms Ciara and Dennis, the abnormally high rainfall has exacerbated the issues.

Hayley Johnson said: “I have lived next to this for more than six years and have been paying for a permit at £166 for six months since 2016 when I started to drive.

“This car park is completely unfit for purpose and it’s diabolical for the council to be charging this much for residents to be able to just park at night.

“There is no lighting and it’s often pitch black, especially when having to go out after midnight to put a ticket on for the morning if you do not have a permit.

“Parking is limited even more since Aldi bought the other council car park and I often find having to pay to park elsewhere, even though I have a permit because it’s full.

“Permits should have priority spaces marked out. On the topic of spaces, the surface of this car park has ruined my car with the horrific pot holes and muddy ground which is often waterlogged taking up room which cars could be parked in.

“I hope something can be done about the state and safety of this place for residents living nearby and having no other alternative than to park there.”

However, there appears to be hope moving forward.

Steve is in dialogue with Tameside Council as he lobbies for improvements.

In answer to a recent message, Ian Saxon, director of operations and neighbourhoods, informed Steve that Castle Street car park is “very high on our list of priorities”.

However, there will be no quick fix as Mr Saxon wrote: “There are currently no plans to upgrade the Castle Street car park. As you are aware we are in the early stages of a parking review which will address parking matters borough wide.

“I am aware of the condition of the Castle Street car park and of the concerns raised by yourself. This is a very busy and well used car park.

“As the parking review develops the ward councillors will be involved in the review and obviously any changes will be subject to the usual statutory public consultation processes.”

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