Recycling centre changes made to improve services for residents

RESIDENTS of Hyde and Denton are to have visits to recycling centres restricted.

Changes to household waste recycling centres are being introduced from February.Cars will be permitted to a maximum of 52 visits each year to any of the recycling centres in Greater Manchester, including Tameside’s two centres at Ash Road, Droylsden, and Bayley Street, Stalybridge, and other vehicles a lot less.

Leaflets produced by Recycling for Greater Manchester are being handed out at the centres to inform visitors of the changes, as well as remind traders and businesses of their waste disposal obligations.

It says: “We are making changes to how we run household waste recycling centre that will improve the service we provide for residents.

“These changes will help increase recycling across Greater Manchester, stop the illegal use of household waste recycling centre by traders and other businesses, reduce queuing at busy times, help businesses understand their legal obligations when disposing of waste, and help us to monitor visitor numbers to stop illegal use by traders.”The changes include an annual visit allowance for residents, dependent on the type of vehicle used, to deter businesses from using the household waste recycling centres.

The leaflets state: “The limit will still give you plenty of access to dispose of and recycle your household waste.

“The purpose of the limit is to stop businesses using household waste recycling centres, not prevent residents from visiting.”

The allowances per year, starting this February, are:
• Cars and cars with single axle trailers – 52
• Cars with a double axle trailer – 18
• Vans up to 3.5 tonne gross weight – 18
• Vans above 3.5 tonne gross weight – 12

These apply to all Greater Manchester’s household waste recycling centres.

Automatic number plate recognition systems have been installed to monitor the number of times each vehicle has used the household waste recycling centre.

If you are using a hire vehicle, bring your hire documents as well as proof of address, such as a utility bill.

If you are recycling rubble from a DIY project, you are allowed to bring five average-sized (approximately 900mm x 600mm) rubble sacks or bags per visit.

If you are having building work done to your house by a trader, they are legally responsible for removing the waste. They should factor the cost of this into their quote.

It is your responsibility to make sure they have a valid waste carrier’s licence and that they provide details of where the waste will be taken for disposal.

Meanwhile, traders and businesses are reminded it is illegal to dispose of waste at any household waste recycling centres. They must provide a waste transfer note for every load that leaves their premises, take waste to a licensed waste facility or use a commercial waste collection service.

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