Denton charity shocked by attack on facilities in Syria

DENTON-based charity Syria Relief has had one of its facilities in the war-torn country attacked.The primary healthcare centre at Idlib was the target of shelling on Thursday, October 3.

It left one of the Syria Relief medical team and six patients injured with one receiving emergency surgery to try and save her life.

Charles Lawley, from Syria Relief, revealed the healthcare centre was hit by more than five shells causing “significant damage” to the building and equipment.

He said: “We believe this to be a deliberate attack. The facility could not have been confused for a legitimate military target.

“It is a charity-run health centre to treat patients. It should not have been targeted for war. It is of no threat to anyone. On the contrary, it is there to save lives.

“We once again call on all military actors on the conflict to respect International humanitarian law and international human rights law and ceasing to deliberately attacks medical facilities, schools and other civilian infrastructure.

“We ask for your prayers, thoughts and donations to help us repair our damaged healthcare centre.

“Please go to to help us fund its refurbishment so it can go back to giving medical treatment to Syrian civilians.”

Syria Relief is the largest Syria-focused based non-governmental organisation in the UK. Last year alone it distributed hundreds of millions worth of aid across Syria and helping approximately 2.4 million people.

Their projects include:
• Running three hospitals, a mobile clinic, four primary health centres, seven family planning clinics and a prosthetic limbs centre, helping over 250,000 people.
• Running 55 schools, with organisations such as Save the Children, EU OCHA, Read Foundation and UNICEF, helping nearly 13,000 children.
• Providing vocation training, cash for work and small business support and rehabilitation of farming, oil production and water treatment, helping nearly 20,000 people.
• Providing clean water facilities for over 1.5m people.

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