GMP initiative to target uninsured drivers

GMP’s Roads Policing Unit is actively tackling uninsured vehicles across Greater Manchester in a continued commitment to make the roads safer.

Together with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, officers will be taking part in Operation Drive Insured during October to increase the number of uninsured drivers taken off the roads of Greater Manchester.

Over the past few weeks hundreds of drivers have received letters asking them to check they have valid insurance, after their car has been seen on the road, despite being shown as uninsured on the Motor Insurance Database.

This letter gives drivers the opportunity to remedy any administrative errors, late payments, voided or cancelled policies, or updates for the insurance company with any change in number plate.

Insurance companies need to be notified of any new private plates or cherished transfers. If they are not, the driver risks being stopped as records will indicate the car as having no policy in force.

If a vehicle is stopped by the police on a road or public place, without a valid policy of insurance, it can be seized under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

The vehicle will not be released until a valid policy of insurance and driving licence has been produced, proof of ownership and a release fee paid (including the recovery fee and storage charges). After 14 days the vehicle will be disposed of.

There are a number of consequences of being caught driving an uninsured vehicle, these include: the offence carries up to eight penalty points at a Magistrates’ Court with the option of disqualification from driving and an unlimited fine. When the offence is dealt with at the roadside, it carries a fine of £300 and six penalty points.

Where drivers fail to obtain insurance and continue to use the roads without a valid policy of insurance, they will be targeted by mobile patrols.

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