Scam warning issued after residents targeted

A COUNCILLOR has warned the public after he became the victim of an attempted scam.

Cllr Brian Wild, who represents Dukinfield ward, was telephoned by somebody claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice to say he was due a £3,000 refund.

He was asked whether he wanted the money paid into his bank account or paid by cheque.

Aware that he was attempted to be duped, Cllr Wild played along and told them he wanted to be paid by cheque.

Cllr Wild was told to go to a supermarket and buy a £150 Amazon voucher card and to give them the number and he would then be credited with £3,000.

He said: “It was strange as one on my constituents told me about the scam and days later it happened to me.

“I knew what was happening so said I was housebound and couldn’t get out to the supermarket. They were persistent and I had a second call five days later asking whether I had managed to get out.

“I want to warn people about it and not to give out bank details or buy a £150 Amazon voucher.

“The caller was convincing so I am sure somebody will fall for it. If my warning can prevent it happening to one person, it will have been worthwhile.”


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