Rescue dogs set to become film stars

DENTON’S Dogs Trust is taking part in a series of mini films following the lives of three lucky rescue dogs in their first year of life post-adoption.

The films have been commissioned by Dogs Trust Manchester with the aim of inspiring dog lovers to adopt, rather than buy, their canine companions.

Rossi with owners (from left) Georgia, Matt and Pip Bennett

They will follow the stories of Lottie, a Staffordshire bull terrier; Rossi, a whippet crossbreed and Gerry, a German shepherd as they enjoy life with their new owners in Hyde and Denton.

Lottie, adopted as a puppy in 2018, has spent her first year with owner Georgia Marsden-Travis and her other rescue dog Buster experiencing exciting new surroundings such as going to the beach and stepping her paws in the cold snow for the first time.

Georgia, who previously adopted her first dog Buster, said: “I hope anyone who is thinking about getting a dog decides to rescue. It’s fantastic.”

Lottie now lives at home in Hyde with Georgia and Buster, where they enjoy going out and about together and taking lots of photos of what they have been up to.

The films are part of a campaign to encourage local people interested in welcoming a new four-legged canine friend into their homes to adopt from Dogs Trust, the largest dogs’ welfare charity in the UK.

Manchester manager Dawn Bishop said: “Our dogs will always be part of the Dogs Trust family so it’s wonderful to see them in their forever homes, living the lives they deserve to live, with owners who adore them.

“We always do our best to make sure families find a dog that will suit their daily lives, so if you have a Lottie, Rossi or Gerry shaped hole in your life we hope you choose to give a rescue dog a second chance at happiness.”

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